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Pasture Walk &
Pasture Management Seminar

Saturday, September 27,  11AM

151 Hill Rd., Elverson, PA

FREE seminar - Take a walk thru an active horse pasture to check out what's coming up.  Learn what's good, bad, and what you can do about it!

RSVP greatly appreciated - email FAY or call Equine Exchange 610-469-0111

Lunch with George Williams - Looking forward to 2015

George Williams - Wow

We had a great time at

Justaplain Farm, Cochranville, PA

September 13 & 14, 2014

Several Auditors joined the riders and grooms for the clinic, and had a wonderful time.  We were fortunate to have generally nice weather, after a slightly late arrival on Friday, everything else was right on time.  Some showers on Saturday along with cooler weather, did not dampen our spirits, we warmed right up to it.  All the riders were pleased with their progress, and on some of the younger horses, the improvement was dramatic, one even graduated from "Kindergarten".  (Refering to the article in Dressage Today, August 2014, by George Williams.) 

Plans have been made to have him back again next year for the same weekend.

THANK-YOU to all that attended.

Championship Show info

FCEA Championship classes will be held in conjunction with the October 11 show at SFD.

Straight Forward Dressage is located at 9 Lyons Run Rd, Glenmoore, PA Basic Info


Championship Classes

  • Eligibility: To be eligible, riders’ membership must be received by FCEA as of October 1st
  • Qualifying: To qualify at a level, the horse and rider combination must have earned a qualifying score of 62% or better, in any test of the level, at any FCEA approved point show.
  • Qualifying period: 1/1/2014 to closing date of championship show.
  • Championship Tests: Intro C, Training 3, First 3, Second 3, Third 3, Fourth 3, FEI TOC.
  • Entry Fee: Regular class entry plus an additional $5 per championship test.
  • Championship Rules: nothing different from regular show rules – readers allowed, whips allowed.
  • Please note, FCEA allows horse and rider combinations to compete and earn scores in two adjacent levels, and as such, they may qualify and show in two Championship classes of their current level of showing.  Example:  if you started the year at Intro, and moved up to Training Level, and then tried First Level, you are no longer eligible at Intro, but, you are eligible at Training and First if you earned the scores to qualify.

Dressage Team Competition

  • Teams of 2-4 horse & rider combinations, will form a team comprised of scores earned at : one test at Introductory Level, Training Level, First Level, and one extra test score at any one of those levels.  One score at each level counts for final points.  A test may only count for scores on one team, but a rider may ride two different tests to count for two different teams.  Riders may ride up to 2 tests (in adjacent levels) to count towards the team score, and they must designate which test(s) will count for their team score(s). 
  • Team names encouraged.
  • Teams may be formed the morning of the show.
  • Entry Fee: $5 per test=$15/$20 per team
  • FCEA Membership: not required

Championship Qualifiers

The following members and their equine partners have earned the qualifying scores for the Championship Show. - as of 9/1/14

Intro Level

                Louise Jordan-Beam & Captain de Bec

Training Level

                Ange Bean & Emma

                Ange Bean & Capitano

                Tori Belles & OSSA

                Joyce Faccenda & Pikasso Gold

                Sandy Foster & Babble

                Louise Jordan-Beam & Captain de Bec

                Jessica Wolfskill & Severi

First Level

                Ange Bean & Colgin IX

                Kim Hennessy & Elsewhere

Second Level

                Ange Bean & Slingshot

                Ange Bean & Trailhead Absarok

Third Level


Fourth Level

                Ange Bean & BR Danny’s Secret

FEI Levels


Novice A & B

                Carsan Rucci & Paint My Memories


More Educational Seminars 

are being planned:

Bits & Bitting, Laminitis, Dr Dental,

Alternative Medicine for Horses,

If you would like us to host a seminar on a topic that you are interested in, please let someone on the Board of Directors know.



Pasture Walk and Management Seminar

Sat., Sep. 27,   11AM

at 151 Hill Rd, Elverson, PA


Learn what grows in your pasture, what to do about it, and when is the best time to make the change.

FMI: Fay or call Equine Exchange 610-469-0111


FCEA Championship Show

October 11 at SFD

Qualify by earning a score of 62% or better at any FCEA affiliated show.  FMI

Board Meeting

Thursday, October 9th 

 7:15 pm 

Old Phila Public House

Rt 100 Pottstown

FMI: Kelly (610) 223-9803

**Note date change



Competition is FUN

Contact Louise to arrange for videoing or to learn more about competing internationally.  

FCEA Interdressage.com Team



Volunteer Grants now accepted for use with member trainers

Get a grant for every 8 hours you volunteer!!!




10 Things to Remember About Helmets


International Helmet Awareness Day


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