Snapshot Series

The following changes in the Awards will be utilized for 2020:

BONUS points for FCEA shows + 2% added to your score i.e. a dressage score of 61.3% becomes a 63.3%, a 64.7% + 2% = 66.7%

Best Average has been redefined.

Dressage Achievement award will use only the highest test of the level.

Due to Covid restrictions, the schooling shows will only be dressage, no CT. Located at Journey's End Farm. Entries or by mail. 

Virtual Show Series Dates 6/21/20; 8/23; plus October and December. Series Championship will be awarded as well. Entries processed at 

August info 


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President: Fay Seltzer 

Vice President: Michelle Thomas 

Secretary:  Debbie Camplone

Treasurer: Victoria Sarge & Courtney Sarge

Other Board Members:  Jeanette Hedrick, and Kadie Walmer