Year End Awards Banquet

Awards presentations will be done at the first show of the season on April 18th. If you are showing, you may bring your horse for the award(s) presentation and photograph.  If you are not showing, you may come to pick up your award(s) and we will take a photograph to be posted on facebook.  If you are unable to make this show, please contact Fay or Michelle to arrange an alternate date/time to pick up your award(s).

CONGRATULATIONS to all of the participants

FCEA 2020 Show Series Results

Awards for Members and non-members


FCEA Virtual Shows – To be eligible, must have shown in 3 shows

  • Louise Jordan-Beam   Pirate Pony                72.08   Intro CHAMP

  • Sandy Foster               Lion                            70.31   Intro RESERVE

  • Kelsey Shewmaker      Dark Tabe                    67.473  Second Level CHAMP


JEF Shows – To be eligible, must have shown in at least 2 shows

  • Sharon Jones       Wolly Ann          67.5735   Champ 2nd-FEI(Intermediare)

  • Kim Hennessy      Elsewhere         67.8695   Champ Western Dressage

  • Sandy Foster        Lion                   68.906     Champ Introductory Level

  • Kate Reinhart       Gatlin                 70            Champ 1st Level

  • Sharon Rinkenbach-Grauer     MVP Memphys  68.5115   Res Champ 1st

  • Katie Wagner       Dreamcatcher   68.889     Champ Training Level

  • Louise Atkins       Imperative         66.9825   Res Champ Training Level


Overall Show Series Championship – must have shown 5 FCEA shows total

  • Sandy Foster & Lion                           Overall Grand Champion

  • Kelsey Shewmaker & Dark Tabe        Reserve Champion

2020 Membership Show Awards

Introductory Level  

  1. Sandy Foster & Lion   

  2. Louise Jordan-Beam & Pirate Pony 

  3. Dave Derr & Hesselhoj Gentleman  

  4. Stacie Shaner & Wap's Sovereign                 

Training Level

  1. Jessica  Rexroth & Fiona 

  2. Eliza Herman & And Miles to Go 

1st Level

  1. Sharon Rinkenbach-Grauer & MVP Memphys 

2nd Level

  1. Alexa Derr & Hesselhoj Gentleman 

  2. Jen Schmidt & Royal Grace  

  3. Alexa Derr &  Lovely 

Western Dressage

  1. Kim Hennessy & Elsewhere  

  2. Eliza Herman & And Miles to Go 


Amateur Dressage          

  1. Kim Hennessy & Elsewhere    

  2. Sharon Rinkenbach-Grauer & MVP Memphys

  3. Sandy Foster & Lion 

  4. Jessica  Rexroth & Fiona

  5. Eliza Herman & And Miles to Go 

  6. Dave Derr & Hesselhoj Gentleman

  7. Jen Schmidt & Royal Grace

  8. Stacie Shaner & Wap's Sovereign


Masters Dressage          

  1. Kim Hennessy & Elsewhere

  2. Sharon Rinkenbach-Grauer & MVP Memphys 

  3. Sandy Foster & Lion

  4. Louise Jordan-Beam & Pirate Pony

  5. Dave Derr & Hesselhoj Gentleman

  6. Stacie Shaner & Wap's Sovereign


Best Average at JEF shows

Sandy Foster & Lion    

Dressage Achievement at JEF shows

Sharon Rinkenbach-Grauer & MVP Memphys 

Trainer of the Year

      Louise Jordan-Beam

Amateur Owned & Trained

      Sharon Rinkenbach-Grauer & MVP Memphys 

Doodlebug Award

      Kim Hennessy's Elsewhere

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