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Dressage Clinic with Internation Grand Prix Rider George Williams


September 11-12, 2021 at Collective Roots Dressage (formerly known as Ardara Farm), 602 Jennersville Rd, Cochranville, PA

A successful national and international dressage competitor, Mr Williams, the youngest of nine children, was raised with horses. He has trained with many of the well known dressage greats: Karl Milkolka, Egon von Neindorff, Major Hector Carmona, Melle van Brugen, Klaus Balkenhol. He believes that all horses can be improved through the correct usage of dressage principles. Many dressage enthusiasts know him as: the former head trainer of the Temple Farms’ Lipizzans, or the rider of the floppy eared mare, Rocher, or as recent past President of USDF. Through this clinic, you will see that his talents as a rider are also complemented by his great gift as a trainer and teacher. “Each horse has a different personality,” says George. “Horses have pretty much meant everything to me. They have shared basically all aspects of my life – as a boy growing up, my first adventures away from home as a young man, my career as an adult, and I met my wife through horses. They are the reason I live where I live. I can't think of much that they have not influenced. I feel very fortunate, for, how many people can make a career out of their passion?”

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