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University Program

The French Creek University Program recognizes members who strive to increase their equestrian knowledge through participation in educational programs.

  • Eligible courses and procedure for earning hours

    • All FCEA lectures, seminars, workshops, demonstrations and unmounted clinics are eligible.
      Hours will be submitted by the organizer to the University Coordinator.
      Auditing of Lessons or Mounted Clinics is not considered.

    • Non-FCEA activities require University Committee Approval, either before or after the event. 

      • For prior approval, a request must be submitted to the education committee prior to attendance to be eligible for credit.

      • If requesting approval after the event, an Educational Activity Form shall be endorsed by the facilitator of the activity, and then the candidate shall submit an Informative Article on the course for publication on the website or newsletter

  • Credits earned at FCEA Courses will be based upon time, while those earned at non-FCEA Courses will considered individually by topic.

  • An appointee of the board will record credit hours.


Levels of Achievement

  • Freshman Certificate         6 hours      Certificate

  • Sophomore Certificate      12 hours    Certificate

  • Junior Certificate               20 hours    Certificate

  • BA Diploma                       40 hours    Diploma & FCEA Gear

  • BS Diploma                       60 hours    Diploma & FCEA Gear

  • Masters Degree                80 hours    Diploma & FCEA Gear

  • Doctorate Degree            100 hours  Diploma & FCEA Gear

  • Continuing Education       Every 20 hours thereafter, an award of Recognition will be presented.

FMI on the University Program, contact Kadie Walmer.

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