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Year End Awards

FCEA Year End Awards

FCEA awards the members that show at FCEA shows with the following awards for horse and rider teams. The rider MUST be an FCEA member in good standing as of October 1 of the competition year.  Awards will be compiled by an appointee of the Board of Directors known as the Points Manager (PM) and awarded at the Annual Meeting in February the following year.  The competition year for schooling shows runs from April 1 to November 30.

Individual members must volunteer four (4) hours at any club event during the current fiscal year to be eligible for ANY year end award.  In case of a tie, Volunteer hours will be the tie breaker for First Place. In the event that the yearly volunteer hours have not been completed, the member may sponsor their hours. Cost of sponsorship is $50(+processing fees).

***Riders are responsible for submitting their scores for any non FCEA shows.  To submit scores, take a picture or photo copy of the completed front and back of the test, and send to the Point Manager.  Scores may be submitted at anytime during the year.  All scores must be submitted by November 30 of the competition year.  For each level being considered, the top scores earned on different dates will be used to calculate points.  If fewer than the required number of scores are attended/submitted, then the points submitted will be used for placings. 

For all awards, points are based on the horse and rider combination.  The team may earn points in two consecutive levels. If the next higher level (a third level) is attempted, the scores earned at the lowest level will be disqualified.

Schooling Show High Point Awards

By attending at least 2 FCEA shows, members are eligible to compete for year end awards. Supplemental scores may then be earned at any local dressage show.  ***Members are responsible for reporting their show results to the Point Manager. BONUS points will be awarded for tests completed at FCEA run shows; 2% points will be added to FCEA show dressage scores. 


Dressage High Point will use the total of the percentage scores of the best five scores earned at five different shows, on different dates, to determine the winner at each level. Dressage levels will be awarded Intro thru FEI. Miscellaneous tests of choice are not eligible for year-end awards (Musical Freestyle, Prix Caprilli, Leadline, etc).  Western Dressage and Working Equitation Dressage will be presented as a separate division.


  • Open: Open to ALL members. The eight (8) horse and rider combinations with the most total points will be awarded in each USDF level in Dressage. Also awarded to Western Dressage and Working Equitation Dressage.

  • Amateur Dressage: Open to adult amateur members. The six (6) horse and rider combinations with the most total points will be awarded. If rider has competed at two levels, the best 5 scores from different shows will be used.

  • Junior Dressage: Open to members 18 or under as of Dec. 31 of the current fiscal year. The six (6) horse and rider combinations with the most total points will be awarded. If rider has competed at two levels, the best 5 scores from different shows, will be used.

  • Masters Dressage: Open to members over the age of 50 as of Dec. 31 of the current fiscal year. The six (6) horse and rider combinations with the most total points will be awarded. If rider has competed at two levels, the best 5 scores from different shows, will be used.

Recognized High Point Awards

Members can earn scores at any recognized USEF, USDF or USEA shows from 1/1 to 11/30 of the membership year. Open Classes in Dressage (Intro thru FEI) and Eventing (Elementary thru Advanced) will be accepted.  Five best scores from different show dates should be submitted to the Points Manager.  Alternately (preferred), members may print their score summary from their respective web sites (USDF and USEA) and turn them in to the Points Manager.  All results must be turned in by November 30th of the current fiscal year. 

Three Awards will be given in each division.

  • Dressage –Diamond, Swarovski and Rhinestone Awards

  • Eventing –Badminton, Burghley and Rolex Awards

FCEA Trainer of the Year Award

Instructor Members earn points when their member students accumulate points at FCEA schooling shows.  Members will indicate their trainer on their membership form. If trainer change happens during the year, a Trainer Change Form must be submitted to the membership secretary.

2023 - Rick Silvia

2022 - Ange Bean

2020 - Louise Jordan-Beam

2019 - Alexa Derr

2018 - Cyndi Stephens

Best Average Award

Awarded to the horse and rider team that earns the best average scores at a level according to the following criteria:


  • Dressage: The team must receive at least 6 scores at a minimum of three FCEA shows. All scores earned will be averaged to find the Champion.

Dressage Achievement Award

A horse and rider combination must receive three scores at FCEA shows, at the highest test of the level, in the current year.  All scores must be received at the same level. Only dressage classes will count. The dressage phase of a combined test or horse trial will not be considered. A horse and rider combination may only receive an achievement award once at each level.

  • Intro Level and Training Level - scores >= 64%

  • First Level thru FEI – scores >= 62%

Amateur Owned & Trained Award

Amateur (or Junior) Owned and Trained Award

Horses must be nominated by owner to compete per year.  Horses of all levels may compete for this award. Score is calculated using the top three scores earned at 3 different FCEA shows.


  • Amateur owner is the trainer and rider of the horse.

  • Lessee will be considered owner – submit copy of lease with nomination

  • Horse has not had any professional training.

    • A professional is defined as someone who receives compensation (whether monetary or in kind) to maintain or improve the skills of the horse.

    • A professional may get on the horse during a lesson to demonstrate only

NOTE: The spirit of this award is the amateur who has raised and trained their own horse.

Off the Track Thoroughbred Award

All tattooed Thoroughbreds are eligible for this award. When ridden by an FCEA member, tattooed TB’s earn scores at FCEA shows. Tattoo must be confirmed by the organizer of the FCEA show. A minimum two(2) scores at two(2) different FCEA shows are required for eligibility. Volunteer hours are also required for eligibility. Points based on the best two scores at the same level from two different shows. 

Awarded at the following Dressage Levels:

  • Intro Level Tests 2 & 3

  • Training Level Tests 2 & 3

  • First Level Tests 2 & 3   

Volunteer of the Year

Spirit of FCEA Award is given to one of the top volunteers in the club that exemplifies the spirit of volunteering and promotion of the mission of the club.  This award is decided upon by the Volunteer Coordinator and the Spirit of FCEA winner from the previous year(s).


Previous Winners

2023 - Katie Brodar

2022 - Courtney Sarge

2021 - Rick Silvia

2020 - Kadie Walmer

2019 - Linda Otto

2018 - Sandy Foster

2017 - Cheryl Gaebel

2016 - The Supporting Men - Mike, Fred, Jimmy, Dave, Greg

2015 - Elaine DiMarco

2014 - Sandy Foster

2013 - Matilda Johansson

2012 - Michelle Thomas

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