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Volunteer for FCEA

VOLUNTEERS are a requirement! 

FCEA is a volunteer based organization, and if you volunteer, you are appreciated!   To show our appreciation, numerous programs have been setup for our volunteers.  Starting with the basic Voucher for 4 hours in a day, then an Education Grant for 8 hours, and free dinner ticket for 10 hours, and for outstanding volunteerism, the most honored award for the year the Volunteer of the Year, we try to make our volunteers feel like the hero's they are for the club.

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner 

The Volunteer Appreciation Dinner will be held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet sometime in February or March, and is free to all volunteers that have completed the required 10 hours (15 for non-members) of volunteer time.  If you have completed your hours, you will receive an invitation. 

Volunteer of the Year

Spirit of FCEA Award is given to one of the top volunteers in the club that exemplifies the spirit of volunteering and promotion of the mission of the club.  This award is decided upon by the Volunteer Coordinator and the Spirit of FCEA winner from the previous year(s).


Previous Winners

2023 - Katie Brodar

2022 - Courtney Sarge

2021 - Rick Silvia

2020 - Kadie Walmer

2019 - Linda Otto

2018 - Sandy Foster

2017 - Cheryl Gaebel

2016 - The Supporting Men - Mike, Fred, Jimmy, Dave, Greg

2015 - Elaine DiMarco

2014 - Sandy Foster

2013 - Matilda Johansson

2012 - Michelle Thomas

Volunteer Requirements for Year End Awards

  • All members must volunteer four (4) hours at any club event during the current fiscal year to be eligible for ANY year end award.  In the event that volunteer hours have not been completed, the member may sponsor the hours. Cost of sponsorship is $50.

  • Volunteer time can be completed at FCEA organized events, work days, by participating on an active committee, or attending Board meetings (1 hr/meeting).  Volunteers must be 14 years or older, so immediate family members may complete the required hours for younger members.

  • Volunteer hours will be distributed for Committee Chair and BOD service at 10 per year. Committee members will receive hours for active participation on their perspective committee turned in by the chair.


Voucher Program

The purpose of the FCEA Voucher program is to give members an opportunity to receive volunteer credit for hours worked at FCEA shows, and then be able to attend FCEA shows and educational activities for a reduced fee.

Requirements for eligibility:

  • FCEA organized shows will award one voucher for each half day (four hours) worked.

  • Vouchers may be awarded to both members and interested non-members.

  • Working half days (minimum of 4 hours) earns the volunteer (both members and non-members), a $5 volunteer voucher.  Vouchers can be redeemed for $5 off show entries at FCEA Shows & Activities. 

Guidelines for use at FCEA Shows and Activities:

  • At shows, vouchers may be redeemed at a rate of one voucher per class, with a maximum of two per show. 

  • For activities, vouchers may be used towards the cost of admission/entry up to 1/day.

  • The value of the voucher is not to exceed $5 and may only be redeemed by the person named on the voucher or a member of the immediate family (parent, spouse, or child).

Educational Grant

The purpose of the FCEA Grant program is to reward volunteer service and promote continuing education for FCEA members.

Requirements for eligibility: 

  • Applicants must be an FCEA member in good standing at the time the grant is earned and redeemed.

  • Grants are awarded one for each eight (8) hours of volunteer service, in a calendar year, at FCEA organized activities.  Questions on volunteer hours can be directed to the Volunteer Coordinator – Kadie Walmer

  • Grants may be used only for education of the rider, not for the training or maintenance of the horse.

Guidelines for use:

  • Only 1 Grant may be redeemed for each activity up to 1/day.

  • Maximum grant value is $50.  No credit given for unused portions.

  • Grants may be redeemed for club activities fees and (NEW for 2014) for lessons with club approved instructors.

  • Grants may not be used for shows

Reimbursement guidelines: 

  • Grants redeemed at club activities, should be submitted as part of the activity payment.

  • For lessons, Members can be reimbursed up to $50 for each lesson with a Club Approved Instructor (CAI). The instructor must sign, date and value the Educational Grant. The grant is then submitted to the treasurer for reimbursement, up to 2 per month.

  • Grants being used as reimbursement for instruction from club instructors must be endorsed and valued by the instructor, and then submitted to the treasurer for reimbursement to the member student. (Student is responsible for the full initial lesson payment.)
    Club Approved Instructors are active members of FCEA, that have indicated that they are instructors.  For the current list see Member Info. 

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