The Veteran's Day Paperchase is held on a Sunday near the holiday. Enjoy a 6 - 8 mile course of fields, streams, and wooded areas through the beautiful countryside of Elverson, PA. Bring your friends for an easy or competitive ride. This paperchase also offers challenge activities which include count the flags or beat the dealer. There is homemade food waiting for you at the end of the chase. There are 3 division paces in which to choose from. Dress patriotically and receive an additional treat! Veterans always ride free. 

PO Box 85

St Peters, PA 19470


FMI Fay Seltzer

610-507-7059 | NHF2054@GMAIL.COM

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President: Fay Seltzer 

Vice President: Michelle Thomas 

Secretary: Sandy Foster 

Treasurer: Victoria Sarge & Courtney Sarge

Other Board Members: Debbie Camplone, Alexa Derr, Jeanette Hedrick, and Kadie Walmer