Supporting the Pursuits of Equestrians and Their Sport.



French Creek Equestrian Association (FCEA) is dedicated to promoting proper equine management and horsemanship through quality education, provided to the interested general public and the membership, in the form of clinics, events, seminars, and horse shows.


Upcoming Activities 

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner - Tuesday, May 3rd, 6pm - Menu and details will be mailed out to qualified members.

Lisa Wilcox Clinics - at Journey's End Farm

April 2&3 - Oh what fun it was

July 9&10 - ADDED Date!

Oct 22&23 

George Williams Clinic - Sept 10&11 at CRD.

JEF Show Series - Apr 24, May 15, June 12, Sept 18, Oct 9

April 10 - JEF work day - painting the ring and secretaries stand.

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