Board Members and Contacts


Fay Seltzer

Board President

A life long horsewoman, Fay wants everyone to have a good relationship with their horse and enjoy the time they spend together. She's had many heart horses during her 50 plus years including: Kitty Hawk, Auspicious Lady Cait, Text Marks the Spot (Shorty), Doodlebug, and Sam I Am.  She currently rides a black hanoverian mare, Hot Date SFH (Maire) and an Andalusian/Tb mare, Megan Margarita. If she's not participating in FCEA activities, you'll find her helping at them.


Michelle Thomas

Board Vice President;
Awards & Events

Active in the horse industry and the club, Michelle is around horse talk all day. She enjoys helping people find their way in the horse world, and putting a smile on their face by finding that something special for them or their horse.


Debbie Camplone

Board Secretary

A board member since 2018, Debbie has been an avid volunteer. Along with her 23-year-old registered Morgan gelding, they have done it all: carriage pleasure driving, ridden and driven dressage, competitive mounted orienteering, competitive trail riding, and endurance. She also competed at the advanced level driving with her previous 13.3h Morgan gelding. 


Kadie Walmer

Board; University Credits; Volunteer Coordinator; Marketing; JR Rep

Kadie is an avid dressage rider and shares this passion with her daughter Regan. She is a small business owner and has been a board member for FCEA the past few years. Her love for horsepower extends past her ride time on her mare Lily, she also loves riding Harleys. 


Courtney Sarge

Board Treasurer

Courtney is a gold founding member of FCEA and a USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist.  She has enjoyed breeding and training her own horses. 

Currently, she is helping her daughter with their homebred Dutch Warmblood, Puck.


Tory Sarge

Board Treasurer

Tory has been involved with FCEA since she was 6..  

Currently, she is a student at Alvernia University, where she is an accounting major.

Her plan is to show her Dutch Warmblood, Puck at 1st Level later this year.


Sandy Foster

Paper Chase & Scholarship

A member since 2008, Sandy has worn many hats from secretary to organizer for the Veteran's Day Paperchase. She bought a Knabstrupper in 2016 and has her eyes set on teaching him to be a great trail and dressage horse. Sandy also is an assistant scout master for a BSA Girl Troop in Palm PA. 


Jeanette Hendrick


A lifelong horse lover and member of FCEA since 2014, Jeanette thoroughly enjoys volunteering at club activities. She currently owns two horses: Comet is a happily retired gelding and Sadie is a 6yo Standardbred mare. She loves taking Sadie on trail rides, fox hunts, and competitions.